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Brenk Sinatra - Gumbo [2LP Vinyl]

Brenk Sinatra - Gumbo [2LP Vinyl]

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Since its release in 2008, Brenk Sinatra's legendary debut album "Gumbo" is available as a double LP in full length for the first time!

Original press release from 2008:

A hungry stomach doesn't like to wait, but for some delicacies you'll put up with anything."Gumbo", the first collection of beats from the hands of Brenk Sinatra, is exactly such a delicacy.

How does 50 minutes from the life of a producer who likes to forget about food and other things and conjure up loops in his cave day after day sound? Well, it's not for nothing that Brenk has christened his debut "Gumbo".

The recipe? Motown soul meets West Coast Hip-Hop from the mid-nineties, sample thunderstorms from old 60s and 70s Soul music merge with influences from Pete Rock or Jay Dee. Brenk's personal touch is quickly recognized and appreciated, the richness of variety, on the other hand, surprises very time anew and reveals almost with every bar new, fine and atmospherically perfectly fitting details.

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