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Fid Mella - Cioccolato [Vinyl LP]

Fid Mella - Cioccolato [Vinyl LP]

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Hard to believe, but the last solo instrumental album of the Italo-Viennese Fid Mella was released 7 years ago. During the time, the beat maestro has been anything but lazy, releasing numerous project with artists such as Crack Ignaz, Torky Tork, Kamp, Silk Mob, as well as top-notch fellow musicians from Italy. Anyone who has ever taken a closer look at Fid Mella's instrumentals knows that his music always works independently of current trends or hypes. Since the beginning of his career, he has remained unwaveringly true to his own sound aesthetic and yet never lost touch with current productions. Fid Mella's new album "Cioccolato" is also bursting with creativity and music relentlessness but is always catchy and packed with tons of flavor.

The new album was created in the close circle of the family - a converted farmhouse functioned as a creative workshop, where all samples used on "Cioccolato" were recorded during extensive jam sessions with Mella's wife, his brother and his father. The result is 17 gourmet instrumental pieces whose music spectrum ranges from Brazilian bossa nova lightness to syrup-soaked Texas vibes.

Cioccolato will be released July 7 on Wave Planet Records.

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