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Fid Mella - Tatas Plottn [Vinyl LP]

Fid Mella - Tatas Plottn [Vinyl LP]

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“Tatas Plottn” is without a doubt an instrumental hip-hop classic and will be available as a 10th Anniversary Edition !

Beat Maestro Fid Mella produced the whole album between 2010-2012 in his hometown of Meran. Whenever he was visiting his family, he headed straight to his father’s record collection and chopped beats on the spot. Mella’s father was a serious prog-rock head, which becomes clear while listening to this record. "Tata’s Plottn" is South Tyrolean for "Dad’s Records" and that’s all you need to know. To keep all things family, Mella asked his brother Sebastian to paint the album artwork. If the cover art seems familiar, you can consider yourself a proper record head. If not, you better ask your father.

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